Gunold Embroidery Threads

We stock a supply a large selection of Gunold embroidery threads.

  • Assorted Thread Kits
  • Polyester Embroidery Thread
  • Rayon Embroidery Thread
  • Cotton Embroidery Thread
  • Metallic Embroidery Thread
  • Glitter Embroidery Thread
  • Filaine Embroidery Thread
  • Fire-Retardant Embroidery Thread
  • Monofilament Embroidery Thread
  • Illuminating Embroidery Threads

Bobbin Threads

The Optimum Bobbin Thread for Perfect Embroideries!
Neat on the surface – and thanks to BOBBY – just as perfect
underneath! A fine and smooth yet tear resistant bobbin thread
is indispensable for the processing and special impact of embroideries.
BOBBY is the ideal complement for high-quality upper

Its prewound version is extremely convenient for multihead
embroidery machines: ready-to-use bobbins with an even thread
delivery and identical length of thread for every single bobbin.
This guarantees easy handling and extremely short changeover
intervals when setting up the machines.



The Optimum Stabilizer for all Fabric Types!
Perfect embroideries want the right base fabric, high-quality
threads – and always a stabilising backing to bring out the best
in both fabric and embroidery design! Our range of embroidery
non-wovens includes ideal stabilising solutions for all embroidery
applications. You may need a cut-away or tear-away stabilizer,
one with coating or a self adhesive non-woven – with a stabilizer
that is well-suited for your base fabric, you will achieve best
results in every respect – quality and productivity. Optimise your
production with the vast variety!



Ironing instead of sewing: it’s as easy as that. The BSN thermo film permanently bonds embroideries, patches and emblems – without sewing! BSN is ironed on the back of a completed embroidery design, making every appliqué extremely durable. And embroidery edges and borders don’t peel off.
BSN is available in two different versions: for delicates, washable up to 40° C and for industrial garments, washable up to 95° C – in any case, an incredibly time-saving, convenient and most effective solution!


Effect Fabrics

Logos, appliqués, emblems – the right base fabric is decisive for best
effects! TWILLY is a robust twill fabric, CANVAY a durable canvas fabric.
Both fabrics have a permanent non-woven coating on the back. This
results in sturdy fabrics without giving up the textile structure.

Why two different fabrics? Due to its twill weave, TWILLY is the ideal
base fabric for most badges, whereas small letterings and intricate
details are more distinct on the plain weave of CANVAY. Contrary to
TWILLY, you can print onto CANVAY because it consists of 100% polyester.

Laser-cut appliqués guarantee absolutely neat embroidery edges and
save the time of manual cutting. Another great advantage is that
letters and monograms turn out needle-sharp. An impressive quality for
extremely comfortable processing.



Most of the time just the little things will improve your productivity
thus guaranteeing the high quality of your embroidery.
The special range of scissors offers the ideal tool for the
respective embroidery-whether used for intricate appliqués or
for neat removal of jump stitches. The tool kit includes scissors,
a snipper, tweezers, a screwdriver and a seam ripper. The pocket
needle-point Oil Pen is great for that tiny part of your embroidery
machine that needs to be oiled.