Automatic Folding Machine

The automatic folding machine FX23 folds clothes quickly, quietly and precisely. It functions independently and requires 1 operator. It is designed to fold t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, undershirts, etc. It can be very easily adjusted for the various sizes and types of clothes so that the best desired folding is achieved.



Automatic Sealing Machine

KLSS* is an automatic sealing machine that closes the bags that contain clothes, coming folded and packaged from the automatic folding machine STP1 and the bagging machine PV38 with adhesive tape. The machine gives the operator the option to close the bag either with one adhesive tape in its center or with two tapes at its two ends. KLSS is placed behind PV38, receives the packaged clothes and seals the bags with adhesive tape.



Automatic Stacking Machine

The NT50 is an automatic stacking machine, which can stack the already folded garments as they come from the STP1 000 automatic folding machine. The maximum height of the stack can be 35cm.



Automatic Bagging Machine

PV38* is an automatic bagging machine for clothes. The output capacity of PV38 depends on the output speed of STP1000 or on how fast the operator places the clothes in the machine when the machine functions independently. Polyethylene (PE) bags in the form of an envelope are placed in the machine, which receive one by one the folded clothes that come from the automatic folding machine STP1000.



Automatic Folding Machine

The automatic folding machine STP1000* folds ready-made clothes quickly, quietly and precisely.
It requires just one operator and it is designed to ideally fold t-shirts. It can be easily adjusted in order to fold various types and sizes of clothes in different ways. The automatic folding machine STP1000 has a folding capacity of 5500 clothes per eight hours (the measurement was carried out at our site) and folding is achieved via 5 basic programs. The machine’s output capacity depends largely on the operator’s swiftness, the machine’s program selection and the type of cloth.